• Development of leaders
    Developing leaders means to understand the processes of change and to develop our competences before different roles assumed as
    a leader.Read more
  • Strategic planning
    A well-formulated strategic planning provides to all those involved a shared sense of purpose, direction and opportunity. The mission guides geographically dispersed co-workers toward working independently, although collectively, to achieve the goals of the organization. Read more
  • Management by competence
    One of the most up-to-date management systems is the management by competences, which is the most focused and objective way of doing people management in line with the strategies of the organization by means of methodologies.Read more
  • Team coaching
    Our goal is to develop coach leaders so that they will take ownership of their role and build, along with the group, shared common goals, by using the team as a tool of meanings and senses for the construction and achievement of measurable goals. Read more
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The goal is to sensitize the managers/leaders for the new concepts of leadership and mobilization of people.


Courses, training sessions and all kinds of educational programs for different organizational environments.

HR Strategic

Creation and formalization of the strategic intention and position of the corporation.


We humans are increasingly challenged to reinvent ourselves. Every single day the world launches new devices that shake us up and impel us to deal with new issues (if we wish to!). Before this scenario, either we position ourselves as perplexed people and paralyze or we view possibilities and expand.

We chose to work with people development because we believe in the ability people have to tackle crises, to create and to potentialize themselves. All in all, surf on possibilities after a dip into the humanity of everyone, emerging to reality more conscious of ourselves, of others and of what we can build together!

Vós Desenvolver is a dream come true. It is the materialization of a work we have been building for 20 years with many business partners, masters, apprentices and all kinds of relationships that have strengthened us in our beliefs and have enabled us to build and develop a solid result-oriented work.